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English 104(Original Composition)

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English 104(Original Composition) Empty English 104(Original Composition)

Post  jackie Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:33 am


B-y making a great decision to loving one's you care, you feel genuine sympathy for them.
A-babe in arms handling their worries and fears
M-ightily you stand and get in the neck for their own feeling and safety ways.
B-utter wouldn't melt in their mouth you can see it in their face, waiting for God's kingdom nowadays.
O-h! what a wonderful life you assure to see in their lives
O-ver the moon you stand and raise your hand to the Almighty God as you sing and shout the victory of Jesus Christ our Lord.


A man who always humbles himself
To the ground he stands
A long row to hoe, he always smiles....
Even a lot on your plate, you're there
To show us that you never change!

I haven't see you in a month of Sundays
But you always care through prayers
What you show, God never fails
To His promise, like you He will be here

You're like Paul in words and actions
Who gave advices to loving ones you care
The word of God you've shared
All of them you put in our hearts

By all means and ways, you gave the best
To help young people to our test
Love,courage and anxiety you gave to us
To strengthen our faith on Jesus Christ

I am jackilyn latugan, 20 years old of age. I was born at San Miguel, Ramon, Isabela year 1990, Feb. 18. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister and some half brothers and sisters in my father side. I am 2nd to the last among 5 siblings. My parents name are mr.Camilo Latugan and Mrs. Betty Latugan.
I graduated HighSchool at Namillangan National HighSchool. Year 2007 and in the same year i came here in Baguio to look for a job so i may finance my college education.I worked for almost one year at La Trinidad, Beguet with Miss. Felomina Lim in her mushroom Business.
Year 2008, I decided to go home and continue my studies at Northern Colleges where i got schoolarship as student assistance.Sad to say, i worked at DXN as a saleswoman ant stopped studies.My father got angry with me that time, and was truly affected and both of us cried because of this. He really waited me to finish college.Same year, month of november, i entered Bible College at Gate of Wisdom College Of Baguio. I this school i met some friends and pastors who are helpful,friendly and kind to me. I learned so much about Business and Church applied law, computer literacy, Business subjects and specially Biblical studies.
As time goes by, i heard from my frien somebody replaced me for that schoolarship.Good, an orphan was granted that schoolarships and th good suit me here in BiBle College.For almost 2years that i stayed here as a student, it is so hard to stay here without my parents, because i don't have anybody to cry on. I need counselling and comfort from my families,i don't have them.i thank God because He is always there to comfort me and guide me everytime i lost my way, also the pastors are there for advices. They encourage me to continue my studies until now.


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