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Doctrine of the Angels
I. The existence of the Angels
Angels-mentioned 273 times in the bible
II. Origin of the Angels
Gap theory Gen.1:1
5 I's of Satan isa.14:12-15
1. I will ascent into heaven
2. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God
3. I will sit also upon the mount
4. I will ascent above the heights of the cloud
5. I will be the like most high
A. The source of the Origin neh. 9:6;jn.1:2-3;col.1:16
B. The method of the origin Ps.148:2-5;Gen.6:2-4;Job.1:6,2:1
C. time of the origin job. 38:1,4,7
D. The purpose of the origin rev. 4:11;col.1:16
angels were created to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ
III. Nature of the Angels ps.104:4;heb.1:7,14
A. they are spirit beings
B. they are invisible beings
C. they are inumerable
D. they posses individual personalities
1. Intelligience
2. will Isa. 14:12,15
3. emotion job.38:7;lk.2:13
4. desire
E. they are superior to men ps.8:45;heb.2:6,11
Why Superios?
1. they are stronger than men ps.103:20
2. they are smarter than men dan. 9:21-22
3. they are swifter than men dan. 9:21;rev.14:6
F. they are inferior to God
why? 1. they are not omnipresent
2. they are not omnipotent dan. 10:13, jude 9
3. they are not omnicient matt.24:26

characteristics of the Angels
a. the rank
1. the angels
a. michael-who is like God Dan. 10:13
b. gabriel-the migthy one of god
1. he explain the vision of ram and goat
2.he explains the 70th weeks to daniel
3.he predicts the birth of john the baptist
4. he predicts the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ to marry
5. he assures joseph
6.he warns joseph about the plants of herod
7. he teels the death of herod
8. he announces the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds
9. he strenthens christ
10. he rolls the stone back at Christ resuurection
11. he freeze the apostle from prison
12. he sends philip to the dessert of gaza to meet eunoch
13. he instruct cornelious
14. he freeze peter from prison
15. he executes wicked herod
16. he assures paul at the deck of a sinking ship
17. he will sound the trumpet at the rapture
C. Cherubim gen.3:24;ex.25:18-20
1. each has 4 faces
a. front-man
b. rigth-lion
c. left-ox
d. back-eagle
2. each has 2 pairs of wings
a. one pair spreads out from the middle of the back
b. other pair is use to cover their body
3. they have the legs of man but their feet are cloven calf feet which is shine like hinning brass.
4. they have 4 hands and 4 wings
5. apparently they travel in groups of 4
1. they kept adam from the tree of life after the fall he eat gen. 3:24
2. two golden cherubim were construccted at god commands and place either on the top of the arc lead in the tabernacle.
3. they appeared to ezekiel
4. satan know as luziper the chief cheru angel
D. Seraphims isa. 6:1-7
the hebrew word for seraphims is burning ones
Descriptions and duties
1. they have six wings 2 are used to cover their face, 2 cver their feet and 2 use to fly
2. they proclaim in great chorus of the majesty of God crying out Holy,Holy,Holy
E. Living Creatures rev. 4:6-9;5:8;6:1-7
Descriptions:1. this 4 standing before the shining crystal sea in heaven sorrounding God's throne
2. they are covered wth eyes both infront and behind
3. each of the 4 has different faces lions,ox,man and eagle
4. each creature has 6 wings
1. they proclaim God's pride saying Holy,Holy,Holy
2. each of the living creature will announce one of the first great tribulational judgment of the 7 sealed book.
Rulling Angels - Isaiah 1:21;3:10; Col. 1:16
Oragnizational Features - facial appearance /destinctive or prominant

6. The Guardian Angels - Matthew 18:10; Heb. 1:14
7. Angels Associated with Horses and Chariots - 2 Kings 2:11-Elijah, 2 Kings 6:17-Elisha

Appearance - Mark 16:5;Matthew 28:3
-they appeared as ayoung man and cloth with white garments as white as snow
Luke 24:4;Rev. 10:1; 15:6; 18:1

NAMES AND TITLES - Ps.103:20,21;104:4
1.Ministers - their religious duties andspiritual
2.Hosts - entainer/asher -Gen.32:1,2; Joshua 5:14; Sam.17:45; Ps.89:8
3.Chariots - refers to their swiftness-2 Kings 6:16,17;Ps. 68:17; Zech.6:5
4.Watchers - speaks to their duties as supervisors and agents-Dan.4:13-17
5.Sons of the Mighty - refers to their owesome and strenght powers-Ps.29:1;89:6
6.Sons of God - Gen. 6:2;Job 1:6
O.T.-covenant,promise before the cross
N.T.-promise after the cross,perfect sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ
7.HolyOnes and Saints -Ps.89:7; Dan.8:13;Zech. 14:5
-total separation to the will of God
8.Stars - Job 38:7;Ps.148:2,3;Rev.12:3,4

D. Their Works and Ministry
1. Their activities inheaven
a.they worship the person of God 1kings 22:19; ps. 29:1-2
b. they bserve the people of God lk. 12:8-9
c. they inquire into the prophetical plant of God. dan. 12:5-6
d. they rejoice in the works of God
1. his works of creation job. 38:7; rev. 4:11
2. his works of redemption 1 tim. 3:16, rev. 5:11-12
e. they perform the will of God. gen. 28:12; dan. 7:10
f. they witness the wrath of God rev. 14:10

A. The names of fallen angels
1. shedim deut. 32:17, ps. 106:36
2. sheirim, sair, satyr lev. 17:7
3.elilim ps. 96:5
4. gad
5. queter ps. 91:5-6
6. the devils angels matt. 25:41; rev. 12:9
7. the angels which kepts not their first state 2 pet. 2:4
8. familiar spirits deut. 18:11; isiah. 8:10.19:3
9. unclean spirits matt. 10:1, acts 5:16
10. evil spirits lk. 1:21,acts 19:12
11.seducing spirits 1 tim. 4:1
12. wicked spirits lk. 11:26
13. demons-the word daimon(greek word)is found more than 75 times in greek new testament
a. they are spirits os deceased wicked man ps. 9:17
b. they spirits of pre-academic race
c. they ae the spirits from the naturl union between angels and women gen.6

1. bne-elohim-the sons of God,,refers to angel
2. nephilim-giants, fallen angels,rapha

gehenahel-new hell gen. 6:2-4


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