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c.extended overtime

3 Concentrict Relation Rings Representing a Christian Education
1.The innermost ring- represent with the family (Eph.5:6;Deut. 6:1-9;Col.3:21)
2.The Church-extended family,bride of the Lord Jesus Christ (matt.28:18-20;Acts 6:1-7)
3.The entire world (James 1:27)

Why is Christian Education done?
1.To Glorify God
2.Spread the Word of God
3.Soul winning,to reach out people
4.To obey God's command
5.To practice our Faith

When Does Christian Education Occur?
-Biblical Christian Education make use of a kind of time trouble strategy (Deut.6:20-24)
*Hebrew people stands with the house of Abraham.

Where Does Christian Education Happened? (Acts 20:18-20 : Acts 2:39)
*Paul experience to teach house to house.
*It's not only formal but also informal.

How is Christian education Happened?
*7 Guidelines For Accomplishing Christian Education
1. Introduction must be relational.
2. It shoould be meaningful (relevant topic)
3. It should be dialogical / conversational.
4. It should be honorable.
5. It should be practical.
6. It should be responsible.
7. It should be memorable.

Methodocs (Grk. Word)-road or way

General Characteristics and Infectives Methods in Teaching
1.Reality related
2.Audience odopted
3.Need oriented
4.Regularly evaluated

10 Valuable Suggestoins for Effective Facilitation of Groups
1.Be prepared, organize and torrow.
2.Be courteous,dogmatic,non-tretaning.
3.Be affirming
4.Be specific
5.Be firm
6.Be directive
7.Be open ended with questions
8.Be relational
9.Be inclusive
10.Prepare an openning and closing


*Teaching and Education is for a lifetime.
*How adults learned?
1.Adults learners are selfdirected.
2.Have larges reservours of experience
3.As adults now they learn to trust theirown judgement and test what they hear from others against their own samplingof reality.
4.Adults learners are oriented to their task roles and identities.
5.Adults learners want practical knowledge (1 Cor.3:1-4).
6.Adults want information they can use now or their everybody living.
7.Teaching that connect/methods of teaching adults.
a.Provide learning space with an adults fields.
b.Diagnose individual needs.
c.Involves learners in planning their own learning.
d.Make adults responsible for their learning.


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