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CULTS/OCCULTS 101 Continuation

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CULTS/OCCULTS 101 Continuation  Empty CULTS/OCCULTS 101 Continuation

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Darks secrets of the New Age- lists nearly 30 ritual and beliefs found in Ancient babylon that are practiced to day in the new Age Movement.
"Babylon the great, the mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earht Revelations 17:5.
Describe by the Apostle John as having the mystery name on her forehead.

1. We'veleared that he has a master plan to decieve and nation of the world. Satan would like to think of God as everything that exist. Then man can think of himself as God too.
2. Satan want to redefine daeth so that people think of it as a pleasant transition without any accountability to a personal God.
3. He wants us to come to our own definition of what is God or evil moral relativism serves his purpose because it breaks down the fiber of a nation and leads to personal emotional entrapment.
4. He promotes esoteriorism to a personal experience of enlightment.


1. Marilyn Ferguson- her book "The Acquarian Conspiracy"
published in 1980, give as the agend for the New Age Movement. She says a leaderless but powerful networks is working to bring about medical change.

2. Shirley Maclaine- as an actress and author. Shirley is persently one of t5he most influential "EVANGELIST" for the NAM. "Out on a Limb" (1st book) was published in 1983 and relates the beginning of her transformation into the spiritual real. "Dancing in the Light" (2nd book) continues the saga. She exercise with YOGA uses crystal for spiritual power and chant Hidu Montras. Her spirits guides to inform her. If everyone was taught one basic Spiritual lane. Your world would be a happier, healthier place. And that law is this: "Everyone is God" Other books have followed, giving a further description of her absorption with the occult.
3. Napoleon Hill- his book "Think an Grow Rich" has sold millions of copies. Hill teach that gives him the distinction of being a powerful advocate of the New Age Philosophy. Great secret "Anything the human mind can believe the human mind can achieve" this is the distructive lie that underguide all human potential movement.
4.Jose Silva- this man has become popular because of his firm conviction that anyone who will take his 48 hour course in mind control will be able to develop PSYCHIC POWER. Silva believes that all the school children should be taught these basic mind control techniques. A grade achool teaches in Buffalo Claims that these teachings are having a profound and beneficial effect to her students.
5.Terry Cole-Whittaker- these woman had a great religious ff. in California teaching the Gospel of prosperity. Her message was simple; go after wealth, power and success. Her most popular book is entitled "The Inner Path From Where You To Where You Want To Be"
6.Werner Erhard- one of the most important mind control movement is called "FORUM". The training is unshamedly religious. You no longer have to be concerned about the suffering and need of those about you, for they too are God and responsible for there own destiny. As for rules about life, Erhard has but one life has no rules.
7. Edgar Cayce-an encyclopedia on accult phenomena calls Cyce "Possibly the greatest occult diagnostician of modern times. Cyce taught that Jesus was incarnated as the biblical adam around 12,000 B.C. Cyce appealed 2millions because the skill fully combined theosophy, pyramidology, hinduism and christianity. He published a journal called "The New Tomorrow".

4 Spiritual Flows:
1. Transcendentalism-introduced Eastern thought into american as for back as the 1,800. two effect early adherent, Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, were basically pantheist influence by the mysticism of the East.
2. New Thought-often associated with the writings of the Swedish Philosophia Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). Nesner from whom we get the word mesmerize was the father of modern hypnosis. Thought is the final reality, the mind can create whatever reality is wishes hence the famous expression "Mind Over Matter"
3. Theosophy- a name popularized by theosophical society founded in 1875, atands in the Eastern tradition of Hinduism and Spiritual thought. Dizzy blend of Western Occultism and Eastern Mysticism. Robert Burrous researcher for the Spiritual Counterfaiths project.
4.Psychoanalysis- which arrived in America at the end of the 19th century was He aurily influence by occult theorists. Carl Jung believed inthe deity of man and accepted the mind exponding insight gloaned from Psychics and occult teacher. Seven (7) sermons to the dead book automatic writing a phenomena often found in occult circles..

CULTS/OCCULTS 101 Continuation  Satan10

CULTS/OCCULTS 101 Continuation  Satani10

1.Financial Support
2.Universal Religion
3.A Simple Religion
4.Comprehensive Religion
5.A Easier to Obey Religion
6.A Rational Religion
7.A brotherhood Religion

QURAN- Muslim Bible
Sura 16:125 (great commission)

Islam was originated at Mecca

N.A.M. is known by Various Names
1. Age of Aquarious
2.The new Conciousness
3.The New orientalism
4.The Cosmic Humanism
5.The New World Order
6.The New Esotericism
7.The New Globalism

1.About God-there is only one true god whose name Allah
7 Primary Characteristic of Allah
1. Absolute Unity-that there is, he is "ONE"
2. All seeing
3.All hearing
4. All speaking
5. All knowing
6.All willing
7. All powerful

2.About Angels- there is a hierarchy of angels
-hoghest angel "Gabriel" (Sura 2:97)
3.About Holy Books-there are 4 inspired books
a.The Torah of Moses
b. Psalms of David
c. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
d. The Quran
4.About Prophets-there are 124,000 prophets
-The most important number of the prophet is 30
-the greatest prophet is Muhammad
Prophets-Adam,Noah,Abraham,Jonah,John The Baptist, and Jesus Christ
5.About a Future Judgement-there will be a day of judgement and a resurrection
6.About Fate-

1. Creedle Recitation
2. Prayers (Salat)-offer prayers, 5 times a day
3. Giving Alms-(Zakat)-2 1/2
4.Fasting during the month of Ramadan- to purify there body and soul
5.The pilgrimage to Mecca-"Hajji"

Preparation Before Dialouging
1.Always prepare by prayer (2 Cor. 4:4;Jn. 3:32; Acts 16:14; Matthew 3:7-12; Luke 18:1-8; James 5:16
2.Develop Personal Relationships
3.Meet only with individual Muslim
4.Realize Islam is a way of life
5.Beware of steriotypes
6.Be kind but firm
7.Identifying with the Muslim
8.Do not assume that all Muslim believe the same thing
9.Do not assume that all Muslim are militant
10.Define your terms
11.Asked leading questions
12.Beware of satanic resistance
13.Beware that conflict may develop
14.Consider yourself as a missionary

SHAHADAH-to bear witness
CREED-their is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet

1.The creed must be repeated allowed
2.It must be perfectly understand
3.It must be believed in the heart
4.It must be professed until one dies
5.It must be recited correctly
6.It must be professed and declaired with out hesitation

While they rich Mecca they recite TALBIYA (I am here oh my Lord)
BLACK STONE- S.E. corner of COABA "7x"
-4x slow and 3x fast
IHRAN- their white clothes


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