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Post  RayMart Sat May 22, 2010 9:22 pm


The one who instruct, train, educate, facilitate, motivate, moderate
>good teachers love helping people (regardless of their age) develop intellectually & emotionally despised diverse challenges.
>age should learn starts – from conception to death
>diverse challenges in “elementary” – puppy love and infatuation, behavior & attitudes “high school” – vices, peer pressure, financial problems, relationship, bully
>intellectually – development of cognitive skills – information data, science.
>emotionally – development of affective skills – emotion, feelings, behavioral, attitudes & social.

Douglas Mc Gregor – the theory of x & y wherein
Y – Good, loving, participative kind of teachers.
X – Authoritarian & disciplinarian.

Teaching in Preschool – motherhood
Elementary – personal supervision
High School – counseling
>in teaching training, you will to meet these challenges & by actually working with your students, you will be able to judge weather the job is right for you.

the art & science of teaching – body of knowledge and wisdom – begin to teach.
>the role of a teacher is other formal and on going, carried out by way of occupation or profession at a school home or church or other place of formal education like distance learning.
Two classification of school:
1. traditional /formal – going to government authorizer school with linese code of ethics
2. non – traditional /non – formal – unschooling, homeschooling and back to church schooling using distance learning education.
Article 3, section 5 – no law shall be made respecting an astablishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, which discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exersice of civil or political rights.
School masters : parents and patriarchs
“in God’s word, there is no person who is indespensable”
Occupation – one’s usual or principal work
Profession – a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science.

>teachers may use a lesson plan to facilitate student learning, providing a course of study /syllabus which covers a standardize curriculum.
>a teacher ma t vary in culture.
>teacher teach literacy and numeracy or some of the other school subjects.
(literacyv)- boost up on something.
(numeracy) – arithmetic or mathemathicss
>other teachers may provide instruction in craftsmen or vocational training, the arts, religion or spirituality, civics, community role or life’s skill, in some countries, formal education may take place through home schooling
>informal learning may be assisted a teacher occupying in transient or ongoing role such as a parent or sibling or within a family, or by anyone with knowledge or skills in the wider community setting and past down teaching.
>religious and spiritual teaching such as gurus, mules, rabbis, pastors, lamas, ministers, priests, missionaries may teach in the educational system.

Technological devices in teaching:
- measuring devices, visual aids, lesson plans, computer, television, laptop.

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Post  RayMart Sat May 22, 2010 9:23 pm

-Jesus Christ – luke 2:40
1.Filled with wisdom – applied knowledge / intellectual ascending and knowledge – information and data.
2.grace of God was upon him – because he is only the begotten son of the father.
3. strong in spirit – strong morality.
4. God must be with you at the outset of life.
5. any impurities / ommorality in the soul steal the mind and time of a person.
6. Jesus is perfect when it comes to real life realization of priciples.
7. Responsibility – real life application of knowledge or of what you have learned.

5 dimensions of life:
1. Increased in wisdom – intellectual dimension of a person.
2. Increase in status – physical dimension.
3. in favor with men (social) 2 factors : heredity and environment
4. in favor with men (emotional)
Heredity - attributes of genes / DNA of parent.
Environment - impluwensya ng paligid.
Social – more influenciable I heredity.
Emotional – more influenciable is environment
5. in favor with God – spiritual dimensions.
>the dimensions of life should not be compartmentalized instead they have to be integrated
“not many noble will go to heaven”
>teachers are born in poor family.
Ecl. 11:9 ;12:13 luke 3:23

1. indwelling of the holy spirit
>accepting Christ into your heart as Lord and personal savior (rev. 3:20)
2. infilling of the Holy Spirits
>learning from the word of God and applying into your life (luke 4:15)
3. anointing ministry of the Holy Spirits
>lifting up you plans in everything you do for the blessing of the Holy Spirits (luke 4:18,32)

>the Lord is distinctive as a person – hypostatic union 100% man dividing earthly ministry and 100% God.
>his birth, life, death and resurrection were all unique and this uniqueness pervages his pedagogy as well.
1. JESUS CHRIST IS CONGRUENT > what Christ said and did were one /he never did anything that contradicted what he said.
>this congruence provides the consistent model because he fulfilled all rightaousesness.
- dispensation of law – 10 commandments
- dispensation of grace – church age - Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and Jesus Christ was what he said john 1:1
- no such thing of absolute maturity – only God 100%
>there is switching from carnal to spiritual and vise – versa.
>no one can claim that someone is matured john 3:11,john 1:18
>teacher is congruent because he has to teach what he had learned for both the academic and life’s experience. Col. 2:1-3 by Paul
GOD OF COMFORT ( 2 cor. 1-4)
- comfort from God and share comfort to other
- - experience make us talk and blessing.

- Jesus was maladjusted to the status quo. Study the life of Christ, therefore, always returns us to reality – reality oriented gives what they need and not to impress.
Reality not ritual oriented was his main concern.
>idiosyncrasies must be avoided
- subject such as life and death, heaven and hell, money prayer, ancient and children were all a post of hiss curriculum
- he offered a classes in which the students were told to take this down because someday you will need it.
- all his teaching took place in the setting of everyday life (mark 12 :13-17) visual aids denarius.
- Jesus is the greatest teacher but never is separated from his great teachings – hence, the name Jesus spells out the relationship between teaching and teaching same token with life and living.
A. his message was revealed – specialization in teaching lecture to disaius Jesus said “I speak nothing of myself” I do exactly what my father has commanded (Matt. 11:23, john 3:27; 5:19; 8:28)
In each Jesus become the conduit for the communication of diverse truth while affirming ciontinuity between himself and father (john 10:30) I and my father are one
- His message was humility revealed > teacher is the instrument of teaching the subjects.
B. his message was relevant – because his message was revealed it was relevant
- Message of God is not done when not taught to people to do.
- He never answered the question no one is asking. His scratched where people are itching – personal touch Jesus Christ is not only a mere “theoreticians” Heb. 4:15
- Personal testimonies have to be experiential as the Lord Jesus Christ hears personally our prayer based on what he was promise us in his word.
C. the message was authoritative
- One of the most striking features of Jesus teaching’s lay in the authority which he gave it. He never spoke tentatively when he speaks he knows what is teaching, timidly or apologetically > he knew his message and never stuttered in declaring it. It is his that impress people so much. Matt. 1:29; mark 26:23; Luke 13:25
mark 11:26-36 – test the person back, if somebody question you and you don’t know the answer, presume that you know so just say “that’s a good question” that serve you as your assignment.
Luke 13:25 – the teacher should not speak hypothetically but categorically
Very Happy

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